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Almost every bookie on the web has their own betting promos, so it’s naturally a hard decision choosing between the many offers out there. Get all the key information on just what to look for when considering which promotional offers are the most beneficial. We’ll cover every aspect you could ask for: what are betting promos, how to get them, and more.

What You Will Find in This Article:

  • Introduction
  • How to Take Advantage of Promotional Offers for Betting
  • Company Comparison
  • Why Use Betting Promos?
  • Kinds of Betting Promos
  • How to Select the Offer
  • Making a Deposit
  • Making a Withdrawal
  • Mobile Betting Options
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Conclusion



If you’re wondering to yourself, “What exactly are betting promos?”, you’ve come to the right place. These are special offers given by online gambling companies as rewards and incentives to their customers. Many companies use their promotions to draw in new customers and to reward them for trying out their service. There are also other kinds of promotional offers which are more like loyalty programmes, and these kinds of offers give benefits for existing customers who use the services a lot, and often those who bet at a higher level than the new customers. Whichever category you fall into, there are betting promos to fit all stripes, read on to find out all you need to know about putting these offers to use.


How to Take Advantage of Promotional Offers for Betting

Some betting promos require a special bonus code in order to claim the offer. These bonus codes function kind of like a password to unlock the bonus offer or you. You can find betting bonus codes on bookie websites in their promotions sections, but also via secondary web pages which can give you different deals than are offered on the main site. When you apply the bonus code to your account, the special offer that specific code unlocks will then be added to your betting account and you are able to get cash bonuses, free bet bonuses, risk-free bets and even chances to win special prizes through using these bonus codes.


Applying a Bonus Code

The process of applying a bonus code to your account in order to get betting promos is fairly straightforward and easy. All you have to do is follow these simple instructions and you’ll be well on your way to raking in the cash:

– First, you need to select the bonus code you want to use. Whether it is a bonus code from an online gambling website or if it comes from a secondary web page referring you to special promotions, the bonus code will function exactly the same.
– Then you need to either log into your account or register for a new account with the bookie of your choice. Some promos require that you be a new customer and not a returning customer in order to claim particular bonuses. If the bonus you want to get is for a new bookie you haven’t tried, then click on “Register” and fill in your personal details to set up your new betting account.
– Once you’ve either logged in or set up your account, you’ll want to enter the bonus code. The best way to do this is to copy and paste it, to be sure that you enter it digit for digit and don’t make any typos when entering the code which could cause you to miss out on the valuable bonus. Click to submit the form, and your bonus should automatically be applied to your account.
If you run into any problems while trying to enter a bonus code, simply contact customer service. They can assist you with any troubleshooting necessary and even help you setting up your account.




Company Comparison

Let’s take a look at the top companies offering betting promos and compare the benefits of going with one company vs another. Some of the biggest players in the UK bookie market include William Hill, Ladbrokes and Unibet, so here is a comparison of the different companies and what they offer:

William Hill Promos

William Hill also offers their own kind of new member bonuses, exclusively for those who haven’t tried out their services before. You can get a deposit matching bonus to increase your wagering power right from the start. They also offer special sports-specific bonuses and others which are made specifically for the Vegas section of their site. You need to have a William Hill account in order to see their exclusive Promotions section, which provides the most up to date listing of all their current promotional offers. While this means that you may be able to get larger bonuses from the exclusive William Hill Promos section, it’s somewhat unfortunate because if you are indeed a new customer, you would not be able to find out what the new customer promotion entails without first signing up to be able to view the offer.


Ladbrokes Promo

Another big name in the bookie industry is Ladbrokes, who have their own special promotional offers and bonuses. The Ladbrokes signup promo is a bit different from some of the other companies, because they give you a free bet up to a certain value instead of a simple cash bonus. That means that your bonus is then not tied to the amount you deposit but is instead based on the value of the first bet that you place with them. Some of the other promotions that Ladbrokes runs are money back bonuses, daily price boosts which give you more value for your bets on certain selections, special cash out bonuses and also exclusive bonuses for their games section.


Betfair Promo

You can score big with Betfair’s welcome bonus, with their special introductory offer specifically for the sportsbook. Some of their other bonus options give you the option of getting a cash bonus in the Casino, a valuable freebet especially to be used toward cash out and a risk free bet. Their great selection gives you many good options to choose from, as well as allowing you to determine which kind of bonus you prefer.

Whether you want to go with the William Hill Promo or Ladbrokes Promo, the choice is yours for getting the bonuses from the top-rated bookies in the industry.


Why Use Betting Promos?

There are a lot of different reasons for using betting promos, so here are a few of the biggest ones:

Free Money

The most obvious reason to use these special offers is that they can increase your winnings, and therefore you should handle them a bit like money. Many sites offer cash bonuses which beef up your betting budget, in many cases doubling the amount of money you initially deposit into your account. This gives you more money to wager with and can certainly increase your profits, because if you win money from the free money given to you as a bonus, it’s a huge score.


Lower Risk Betting

Another reason to make use of betting promos is that it can equal lower risks when betting. For example if you take advantage of a risk free bet promo, that means that if you win you get to keep the proceeds but if you lose, you’ll be reimbursed for your losses. It’s hard to argue with that kind of deal, because it means you can bet without too many worries: either you come out ahead or you break even. In a less direct way, the cash bonuses also decrease your betting risks, because if you got a 100% matching bonus and thereby doubled your money, you basically get double the chances of making some money off that money you wager because there is twice as much of it.


Increased Winnings

There are other kinds of promotional offers which are intended to specifically increase your odds of winning, and some which focus on particular sports. Those can give you up to 50% greater winnings from the selected bets you apply your promo to, meaning simply more money all around. The additional bonus funds from a deposit match bonus can also lead to higher profits by increasing your cash flow and maximising the ratio of your winnings vs the money you put in.


Free Bets, Free Spins, More Opportunities

Another perk of using betting promos is the possibility to gain free bets in the sportsbook or free spins in the casino section. As already mentioned, this can have the effect of lowering the risk for the bettor, increasing their winnings, but the bottom line is that if you get more chances to win, it equals more opportunities to increase your cash all around.


Kinds of Betting Promos

There are a lot of different kinds of promotional offers on the net and they are not all created equal, some of them are much better offers than others, but it can be a very subjective decision as to which one fits you best. Take a look at the different options of betting promos available so you can figure out which one is the best match to boost your betting.


New Account Bonus

This is probably the most common type of betting promo out there, giving you a starting bonus for opening up a new account with an online betting company. You might also read these kinds of bonuses listed as signup bonuses. Often what this kind of bonus will give you is a certain amount of cash proportionate to the amount you deposit into your account. (for more info, check out Deposit Matching Bonus below) There are also other kinds of welcome bonuses which give you free bets, free spins in the casino and other helpful perks which make you feel at home and ease you in to betting with a new company.


Deposit Matching Bonus

A deposit matching bonus is where the online betting company gives you a one to one match on the deposit you make into your account with them. You might also see these referred to as 100% matching bonuses, and sometimes you can even find deals where you can get up to a 150% or 200% match on your deposit. So for example, if you get a 100% matching deposit bonus on your initial deposit of £100, the company will give you that exact amount, £100, as a bonus, bringing your cash balance up to £200.


No Deposit Bonus

These bonuses are harder to find than the deposit matching bonuses, and really it says it all in the name. With this kind of a bonus you get a bonus without having to make a deposit. Sometimes the bonus you get is additional bonus money in your account, other times you can get free bets, etc, but the bottom line is that you get the bonus and you don’t have to put money down in order to use it.


Mobile Bonuses

There are also bonuses specifically tailored for mobile users, which give you an exclusive bonus just for placing a bet via your smartphone or tablet. What’s great about this kind of bonus is that it means you can get something extra for just doing what you would already do. And it gives an additional incentive to try out the latest tech advancements and download the app version of your favourite betting site, often for free. That’s basically a win win situation, because you can then bet from wherever you are as well as getting a bonus on top.


Casino Bonuses

If you usually stick to the sportsbook, the casino bonus might just convince you to try something new. Online betting sites tend to give out two main kinds of bonuses for their casino sections: deposit matching bonuses specifically for the casino and also free spins bonuses for specific games. The deposit matching bonuses you get for casinos tend to actually be a bit higher in percentage than those you get for the sportsbook, 100% bonuses being the base rate, and getting up to 200% or even 300% matches on your deposit. Free spins bonuses are another cool promo typically given out by online casinos, and you can sometimes even get bonuses of free spins without deposit.

How to Select the Best Offer for You

It’s pretty stiff competition, so finding the right promo offer which give you the most bang for your buck is something of an art in the betting industry. With so many different betting promos on the web, it’s sometimes hard to choose. Selecting the right promo to fit your personal betting interests, style and habits is the first step you need to take. What you need to do is to inform yourself about what kind of offers are out there so you can make the best decision. Certain offers may seem like the best promo under the sun, but when you read the fine print, they’re not as exciting as you might initially think. Here’s a quick guide to selecting the best promos to fit you:


Consider the Wagering Requirements

Most betting promos do indeed come with strings attached, but some bonuses are better than others. Is there a high turnover requirement? Do you have enough time to complete the wagering requirement comfortably? What is the minimum bet requirement? And what is the maximum cap-off on the bonus you can get? Asking yourself these questions should help you determine whether the given bonus you are considering is actually a good deal. If the turnover requirement is so high that you think you’ll never reach it, you might be safer trying a different kind of bonus or even a different company in search of a bonus with rules which fit your betting.


What is Your Betting Budget?

This might seem an unlikely thing to matter when weighing your options of a free bonus, but it actually matters a lot more than you might initially think. As mentioned in the previous section, turnover requirements and time constrictions are important factors in determining whether a bonus is actually realistic. And that is where your betting budget becomes a factor.

Imagine for example if you get a 100% matching bonus on a £50 deposit, and you therefore get a bonus of £50 added to your account. If you need to meet a 3 times turnover requirement on that £50, that means you must wager your bonus 3 times before it can be withdrawn, bringing you up to £150 you need to bet in order to claim any winnings from the free £50. That might be fine for your budget at that level, but if the amount of the deposit and therefore the bonus was doubled, you would have to wager £300 to get your £100 budget, potentially too much for you to spend on gambling for a given time period.


Free Bets or Bonus Money?

You might also want to think about whether you prefer to receive your bonus in the form of free bets or if you enjoy bonus money more. A free bet can mean that you get your bonus based on what you wager, and not necessarily what you deposit into your account, so this could be a good option for some. It also means that your bet is then risk free, since you essentially don’t lose out on anything in the case that your selection does not win and you’ll be reimbursed. Bonus money is arguably more straightforward on the other hand, letting you increase the funds in your account up front so you know how much money you have to work with.


Who Offers the Best Terms?

While one company might give you the largest cash bonus, figuring out which one is the best deal is potentially less simple than it may appear. Although it’s important to compare the numbers of which bonus is bigger, who gives you the most bets, it’s also critical to consider the components beyond face value. Here wagering odds, turnover requirements and also the betting markets available can make or break a Betting Promo. With that in mind, £100 for a bookie where you prefer the betting options is worth more than £100 for a bookie where you can’t make as much from each bet.


Making a Deposit

One of the most asked questions is “How do I make a deposit on an online bookie?” It’s actually quite simple if you follow these easy steps:

  • Log in to your account, or if you don’t have an account yet, you need to open one.
  • Go to the section where the account services are listed (this can be labelled differently depending on the bookie you use) and select the deposit option.
  • Then simply make your deposit as you would make any other online payment, by choosing the payment method and then entering in the payment details, as well as the amount you would like to deposit. Once you’ve reviewed that all the information is correct, click to submit it and your deposit will then be processed.


Deposit Payment Methods

Most bookies accept approximately the same payment methods, including major credit cards, debit cards, eWallets, PayPal, prepaid cards, money orders, bank transfers and personal cheques.


Wait Times

The processing times for different kinds of payment methods can vary, and some payment methods have certain limits on the minimum and maximum deposits that you may make. Here is a general table comparing the different payment methods available to give you an idea of which method you would prefer to use.

Payment Method Processing Time Min Max
Debit Cards (i.e. Visa & Maestro) instant 5 – 50 99 999
Credit Cards (i.e. Visa & MasterCard) instant 5 – 50 99 999
eWallets instant 10 – 50 10 000 ++
PayPal instant 10 – 100 600 000
Prepaid Card instant 5 – 120 300 000
Money Order 2 to 10 banking days 50 1 000 000
Bank Transfer 1 to 3 banking days 50 1 000 000
Cheque 5 to 28 banking days 10 000 500 000

These figures are approximate, based on standards among a range of different bookies. To get the exact details for particular payment methods on your favourite site, check their help section for a listing of the precise wait times, minimum deposit and maximum deposit rules.


Making a Withdrawal

Making a withdrawal functions much as the process does for making a deposit. Most companies have a policy of using the same payment method as your first deposit for your first withdrawal, and then using subsequent deposit method as the withdrawal method for subsequent payments and withdrawals. So for example if you first deposited using a credit card and then make a second payment via PayPal, for your first withdrawal the money will be put back onto the credit card you used to make the initial payment and then the second withdrawal you make from your account will go on to your PayPal account.

Payment Method Processing Time
Debit Cards (i.e. Visa & Maestro) 3 to 5 banking days
Credit Cards (i.e. Visa & MasterCard) 3 to 5 banking days
eWallets at least 6 hours
PayPal at least 6 hours
Prepaid Card not accepted as a withdrawal method
Money Order 1 to 5 banking days
Bank Transfer 1 to 5 banking days
Cheque up to 30 days

There is also the option to pay and withdraw your money via an actual bookie shop. This option is only available for bookies who have walk in shops, such as Ladbrokes.

Mobile Betting Options

Many online gambling sites now have their own apps, to allow their customers to bet while on the go. If you have ever thought it’s annoying to be tied to your desktop computer while trying to place and follow your bets, then this is exactly the solution you’ve been waiting for. Online betting apps make life easier by giving you all the functionality of the regular website and placing it in the palm of your hand. The design is adapted to fit the smaller screen size, too, so that the most critical information displays most prominently and all features are accessible through the tap and swipe of a fingertip.


Mobile App Versions for Different Formats

There are usually different versions of a given betting app to fit the different operating systems the devices run on. The Android app, for example, will be specially tailored to fit Android compatible mobile phones and tablets, and the iOS app will be made to work on all iOS compatible devices including the iPhone, iPad and even iPod touch. For Windows phone users, don’t feel entirely left out because there are some betting app versions which will work on your mobile phone, but usually these are more rare and difficult to come by than their cousins, Android and iOS devices.

Take a look at the table below to learn which kind of operating system different devices run on so that you can find out which app you need to search for based on the specifications of your phone, and where you can find it online:

Kind of Device Kind of App Where to Find the App
Android phone Android App Google Play
Android tablet Android App Google Play
iPhone iOS App iTunes Store
iPad iOS App iTunes Store
iPod Touch iOS App iTunes Store
Windows Phone Windows App Windows Phone Store
Windows Tablet Windows App Windows Phone Store

Many online gambling sites also offer downloads of their betting apps right from their web page. Just look around for “Mobile” and you should be able to find the section where they inform you of their mobile options.


Special Mobile Offers

You can often come across special deals and Betting Promos exclusively for mobile users. Just by downloading and installing the app and then placing a bet, you can get large sums of cash bonuses, risk-free bets and more. Check out the table to see the different mobile Betting Promos available and what you need to do to get them:

Mobile Betting Promo What You Need to Do to Redeem It
William Hill Sign up with promo code
Ladbrokes No deposit required
Betfair Join via the app

Search around to find the best deals on mobile promos, as they are often changing.


How do I place a bet via mobile?

Betting via mobile is not much different from betting from your home computer. The main difference is that the mobile app version of a betting site is usually a bit more streamlined than their PC compatible version of the site. So the buttons may be larger, the interface a little bit different, but you’ll find all the same features and functionality you would usually get if you’re familiar with betting online from a regular computer. If anything it might actually be a little bit less complicated, because the visual display is often more sleek and user friendly on the mobile betting apps. You will need to set up your mobile betting account in order to bet for real money, and then you will be ready to begin betting from your mobile phone or tablet device.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a turnover requirement?

This is a kind of rule around bonuses, where you must wager the bonus a certain amount of times before you may withdraw it as cash. It may sound a bit confusing, but it’s actually an industry standard, basically all bookies apply it to the promotional bonuses they reward their customers with.


What is Cash Out?

This is a special feature that lets you close out a wager you have placed before the chosen market has closed. What this does is it allows you to either cut your losses in the case that your bet looks unlikely to win, or it lets you take a return if the wager is doing well. Many sites offer this function, but it is not always available on all markets. You will need to check if the selection you have chosen is eligible for Cash Out.


How do I use the Cash Out function?

On most sites, there will be a button to announce that a given market is available for Cash Out. To use that feature, just select the Cash Out function, which in some cases will activate a special toolbar where you can decide how much of your bet you would like to Cash Out and how much you would like to keep in the wager. This is referred to as partial Cash Out, and is quite a nice option for reducing the exposure of a bet if you’re concerned it is too risky. You can take out part of the bet and leave the rest to run, or you can pull out all the money wagered.


What do I do if I forget my login information?

This is a common issue and it’s no problem to solve. If you click on the link below the login field, which says “forgotten password?”, you’ll be redirected to a page where you can have your password reset and a new login link sent to your email address. If it’s one of those cases where you are totally locked out of your account because you can’t remember which email address you used to sign up, never fear, the customer service team will help you gain access to your account again. Either use the online chat feature or call in to get the issue resolved and you’ll be back in your account in no time.

You will be asked for certain account information to confirm your identity and get your account unlocked. Have these available when you contact customer service to make things go more smoothly:

  • Your first and last name associated with the account
  • Your username
  • Your date of birth
  • Your residential address which is associated with the account
  • Your phone number
  • Information regarding the most recent deposit you have made to your account, including the date and last four digits of the payment account you used to make the deposit.
  • The social security number associated with your account.
  • Your 4 digit security number for the account.


Why do I need to verify my account?

You may be asked to verify your account in order to confirm your identity and thereby authorise payment for a withdrawal you are trying to make. This can occur if the company is concerned about possible duplicate accounts or other potential instances of fraud, but it can also occur as standard procedure to ensure the payment is going through correctly. This can take as little as 48 hours, or as much as 72 hours to verify your account details.


Why can’t I use my bonus?

If you’re struggling to claim a bonus you have applied to your account, here are a few factors to consider:

Did you meet the qualifying requirements necessary in order to get the bonus?
These will be stipulated in the promo bonus terms and conditions section. Sometimes you need to make a deposit of a certain value, to be a new customer and not a returning customer or you might have to enter a bonus code within a particular period of time from the point of opening the account.


Did you enter the bonus code correctly?

This can be an issue because if even one digit is off, the system will not recognise your bonus code as being correct and it will therefore be rendered invalid. To avoid this problem, it can help to copy and paste your bonus code into the field where the bonus code is to be entered. That way you can ensure that the bonus code is entered exactly correct and make sure that you will be able to claim your bonus.


Did you meet the wagering requirements associated with the bonus?

The wagering requirements of a bonus are always listed out in the terms and conditions section of that bonus and they are certain rules which apply in order to be able to withdraw the bonus as cash. Be sure that you have met all of the requirements so that you will be allowed to receive your bonus. All the wagering requirements must be met within a certain time period as well.


Who is eligible for a bonus?

Basically anyone can be eligible for a betting promo bonus, but it depends on the specifics of the promotion. In many cases you must simply be a new customer in order to qualify. That means that if you have used up all the bonuses you are eligible for with a given site, you are still allowed to shop around and check out the possibilities elsewhere. There is nothing stopping you from having a new customer bonus from multiple different betting sites.


How do I get a betting bonus?

This issue is covered in more detail at the beginning of the article under “How to Take Advantage of Promotional Offers for Betting”, but essentially what is required to get a bonus is that you meet the initial requirements of that bonus and sometimes you need to enter a bonus code. The initial requirements may include that you be a new customer, that you make an initial deposit of a certain amount or that you place a wager of a certain value. Then once you’ve entered the bonus code you will be set to go.


Where can I find betting bonus codes?

There are a lot of betting bonus codes on the web, the trick is sifting through the unuseful ones to get the best bonus codes. Looking around at different articles on the subject and informing yourself of the current offers going on at different sites is probably the best way to find out which betting bonus code to go with. The bonus code will be displayed along with the details of the offer, so all you need to do once you’ve selected the bonus code you’d like to use is just copy and paste the code into the respective field when you sign up for a new account.


I’ve been logged out of the system, what happened?

This can occur if you spend too much time logged in and being inactive on a betting site. You can be logged out automatically when this happens to prevent risks to security. It can also be that you have lost connection from the internet. If you are in the process of betting at the time that you are logged out, your information should be saved as it was at the time you were logged out, but consult customer service in case there are issues with your bets afterward.


How do I find out about all the terms and conditions of a betting promo?

The full terms and conditions of a promotional offer for a betting site are usually listed within the “Promotions” section, accessible from the main page. If you click on the offer you are interested in, you will be redirected to see more information about that specific offer, and from that page you can click on a link that will say something like “Full Offer Terms and Conditions”, “T’s and C’s”, etc. That will let you take a look at all the legal rules and regulations regarding the specific bonus or promo. It is mandatory for this information to be accessible to customers so you will be able to find it somewhere on their site, even if it is not prominently displayed.


What is a Daily Price Boost?

This is a special kind of offer, similar to a bonus, but instead of getting a certain amount of money or a free bet of a certain value, you can get a better price on certain highlighted betting events. That can mean better odds for winning on some of the hottest events of the season. Ladbrokes actually features several Daily Price Boost promotions which give you a daily option for improved prices on particular events, and they also feature this kind of promo for periodic, larger events.


Where can I see what betting promos are available at a given time?

Many sites have their own exclusive Promotions section where they list out all current offers which are available at a given moment. While that is the most reliable way to get up to date information, because secondary sources can be biased or out of date, it doesn’t allow you to compare which offers the different sites are giving out. For that reason, it can be useful to look around at trustworthy sources with articles showing several companies’ promotional offers side by side. A simple search engine query of “Betting Promos Comparison” will probably turn up some useful results, but always check with the specific company to confirm the offer details to be sure they are correct.


What is a free bet token?

When you get a free bet token, it is usually being given out as a promotion from a betting website. Just as it sounds, it is redeemable for a free bet up to a given value. The value of the free bet token will be specified in the offer details. This kind of bonus is practically the same as getting bonus money to put toward betting, except it comes in the form of a bet. Many bettors like this kind of bonus because it makes the bet practically risk free, because if you lose on a free bet, you aren’t losing “actual” money, it is just virtual money in the form of a free bet token. And if you win, it’s treated exactly as it would be if you won using your own money, you get to keep the winnings.


How do I use a free bet token?

Free bet tokens will appear in the section showing your account details. Some are limited in the amount of time they are available for before they expire, so keep tabs on this time factor to be sure you use your free bet tokens before they become void. To spend a free bet token on a bet you would like to place, add the selection you would like to use it on to your bet slip. Then click on the box to select using your free bet token on this wager. Some free bets must be used on wagers with certain fixed odds, so also make sure that the free bet you are trying to use can actually be applied to your desired market.
A few useful tips on free bet tokens:

– You only get the profit of the bet when playing with a free bet token. That means that the stake of a free bet token is not returned.
– Each-way markets tend to return higher profits than other kinds of bets, so you might consider placing this kind of bet with your free bet token. If the profit is less than the initial stake of the free bet, it will not be returned.
– When you see the “Potential Returns” of a free bet listed in your bet slip, that number will include the stake, so remember to minus that amount when trying to calculate what your potential winnings will be.
– You are not able to split the free bet value into separate free bets, for example if your free bet token is worth £10 it cannot be divided into two £5 bets. It can only be used once, so if you place your free bet on a bet of only a £5 value, the free bet is still used up and cannot be used again.
– Free tokens placed on non-runners are not refunded.

Is it possible to use the same bonus more than once?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use a single bonus more than one time. You are restricted from getting the same bonus twice on your account and it is very much against the rules to open a new account with the same company in order to get the bonus again.

Duplicate accounts are considered a kind of fraud and are not taken lightly in the online betting and gambling industry. If there is suspicion that fraudulent activity may have taken place, for example registering for two accounts for one person or getting multiple accounts for a single household, you may be asked to provide documentation to prove your identity before any of your winnings will be released. And in the extreme end of the spectrum, customers engaging in these kind of activities can have their accounts closed.


Where can I find out about the rules of different sports games?

Many online betting sites actually have a specific area where they list a guide to the rules of sports games. You can also find similar guides for other areas like the Casino section, Games, Poker, etc. Often the best way to find the sports rules listing is to go to the help section. If there isn’t a tab or button specifically for sports rules, just look it up in the search field and you’ll be able to pull up an alphabetic index of rules relating to all the sports the site hosts.
Here is a quick guide to some of the most used betting terms which you may hear very often:


What is an Each Way bet?

Each Way bets are a specific kind which give you better chances of winning something if your whole bet does not make a return. This kind of bet is common in sports where there are many competitors in a game, rather than simply a winner or a loser. So for example in greyhound racing, you can bet on the winner and what place they will get. To give a simple illustration, you would thus put £10 on the winner and £10 for them to receive a certain place. That means your total stake would be £20. The first part of the bet is aptly called the “Win” and the second part of the bet is called the “Place”.


What is In Play betting?

Betting In Play is where you can modify your bet while the competition is ongoing. This feature is only available on certain live events, and not all of them. What’s great about In Play betting is that you can adjust the wager you place according to the actions of the game. This not only adds an additional level of heart pounding excitement, but it can also lead to lucrative wins. In Play bets are subject to delays of a certain period of time, which varies from sport to sport to make things fair. It’s important to keep that in mind, as well as connectivity issues if you are following the game via a live feed.


What is an All In bet?

There are two related terms which have to do with All In betting: “All In” and “All In Play or Not”. If you wager on this kind of market, there is the possibility that your selection may not take part in the event and you are taking that risk up front. In the case that your selection does not play or take part in the event, you will be marked as having lost the bet.


What are Maximum Payouts?

This refers to a cap which is placed on certain bets within a certain type of betting. The payout limits set a ceiling for the total amount of winnings you may take from a betting category in a single day. Maximum payout limits apply to specific sports like Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing, Football, other sports categories and non sports betting such as on lotto and on politics. The maximum daily payout can be as low as £10 000, so if you’re wagering big and expecting a high payout you might want to consider these limitations when placing your bets.


What does it mean if a bet comes up as “Void”?

A voided selection can occur because of a variety of different reasons, but the simplest answer is that it means your bet will be cancelled out. In the case of single bets, your stake will be returned to you, so it will be basically as if you never placed the bet: you didn’t win but you also didn’t lose. On bets placed on multiple selections or accumulator bets, a Void bet will be treated as a non-runner and the stake will then skip to run in the other selections you have placed.


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